Write an essay about your future career

This is an admissions essay for XXX University. You should incorporate that I am majoring in pharmacy, am Catholic, volunteered at XXX Hospital, and am taking college courses full time instead of finishing my senior year in high school. I have already written a portion of the essay and I would like you to use the same ideas or possibly just expand and revise my essay--whatever makes it sound better. Here is the part I already wrote:

Write an essay about your future career

How to Write a Career Essay By Karen Hollowell A career essay is a short composition about a specific job for which you are currently studying and training.

It may also be a research piece about a career that interests you. When writing this type of essay, maintain specificity to the topic and include pertinent information about job opportunities, benefits, and potential for growth.

You do not need to give lengthy biographical information about yourself except how it relates to the career you have chosen to write about. Begin with a paragraph that defines the career and tells the reader the main reason you are interested in this particular one.

Include special skills and knowledge you possess that make this career especially suited to you. Write the body of the essay.

This section ideally consists of at least three paragraphs. They should be five to seven sentences long and emphasize three main points as to why you chose this career such as the duties and responsibilities associated with the career, importance of the job to society, and potential for advancement and growth.

It should leave a strong impression on the reader about your career intentions.

write an essay about your future career

Include your general plans for achieving your aspirations and end with your long-term goals, including where you see yourself in this career in 10 or 20 years. The conclusion can be effectively written in one or two short paragraphs. Revise and edit the essay. After you have proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes, have a friend or parent read it to check for clarity.

Ask them to identify any parts that need improving so that you can reword accordingly. Since staying on topic is key to the success of this essay, re-read your work before you submit it for grading.

Be sure each sentence pertains to the career and supports the main idea of the corresponding paragraph.Free Career papers, essays, and research papers.

Career Goals Essay: Write It In Three Easy Steps

My Account. Your search - My future career goal is to become an anesthesiologist. An anesthesiologist administers an anesthetic to patients before going into surgery.

or how to write. This career is far deeper than that, you will build a relationship with each and every student and. Writing an essay that explains what goals you want to pursue in your future career is a skill you will have to demonstrate a lot as a student.

Not only you need to write an essay on career goals to enter a university (explaining why you chose this major and this particular educational establishment) but also when applying for a job after college.

The tools you need to write a quality essay or term paper; Saved Essays. You Have Not Saved Any Essays. Topics in this paper. One of my goals for the future is to be happy regardless of what I choose to do.

I want to be satisfied with my decisions, to be able to accept and forgive, and most of all to be able to live up to the expectations I /5(21).

Nov 07,  · Career Goals Essay. Your choice should also consider your current interests in psychology and support your future career goals. Identify the audience for your handbook and the main construct in learning and cognition that will provide the focus of your handbook. Explain your motivation for using the chosen construct as your focus subject as.

Writing an essay that explains what goals you want to pursue in your future career is a skill you will have to demonstrate a lot as a student.

Oct 21,  · 2. My Future Career Essay How Deca Influenced My Career. Please describe someone or something that has been a major influence in your life. My involvement with DECA and the competitive events began my freshman year in my business class.

How to Write a Career Goals Essay in 5 Easy Steps