Paez thesis

Abstract Health and safety are gaining increasing interest across industries, but the business case for workplace health is not necessarily solid, as most operations models focus largely on compliance and risk mitigation. Managers realize that organizational health goes beyond health costs because employees are the primary drivers in achieving the business's desired performance. A more balanced approach should account for both contributions of a healthy workforce and the resources required to support it. This research introduces a financial model to quantify the effect of improvements on health and safety in the workplace, by 1 establishing a numerical relationship between improvements in the work environment and performance outcomes and 2 linking multiple operational outcomes into a common financial indicator.

Paez thesis

I reused some code from an election visualisation where circles were used to provide a balanced view across multiple constituencies and got the system up running in a few days. Someone found out about it who lived in Minneapolis, and wanted to do the same for the NiceRideMN system there.

I realised quite quickly that the two systems were built with the same technology, so the same data was available. Washington DC was Number 3, and it then went on from there.

There were data access issues with some systems e.

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Paris and Brussels but these days, such issues have been largely overcome, with the recent unveiling of the JCDecaux developer portal and Barcelona City Council making their feed available. B-cycle, who run many small systems in the US, have also been very helpful.

Notes The data is normally collected, and the visualisation updated, every two minutes. Some systems, which require requesting the status of each docking station individually, or appear to be on servers that struggle with repeated requests, are collected every ten minutes or even less frequently than that.

Bike usage numbers, where quoted, are simultaneous usage and normally include cycle redistribution. Actual total usage across the day will be much higher. Higher numbers indicate a more unbalanced distribution, e.

This website is run on an academic development server and so is subject to occasional interruption. For some cities I use a third party — most notably citybik. Data is Copyright OpenStreetMap contributors. University long-rental systems, coin-slot systems. The information needs to include an API, or a map with vector points typically a Google Map showing the locations of the docking stations, plus information on how many bikes are currently in each docking station.

Most of the German systems. The information is slowed or rate limited to stop repeated requests. The system is too small for interesting spatial analysis research. The operator has been particularly proactive at stopping third-party reuse of the information, such as a third-party map like this.

Stockholm, Bicincitta systems in Italy, many systems in China. For a comprehensive world map of bikeshare systems, see Bikesharing World Map curated by R. Please email me at o. I am happy to stop collecting your data if desired, although only publicly accessible webpages and APIs are being used.

I would like a specially enhanced version for my city e.

Paez thesis

Is the code open source? If you are really keen you can see the client-side source code, at least just by viewing source in your browser. There are two other projects which are open source and are building a unified system for collecting data from bike sharing systems around the world: Why do you do this?

Sandra Castellanos-Paez – PhD Student

The visualisation can be considered to be a auxiliary benefit of collecting data on bikesharing systems, which was used for research at UCL, by myself and some colleagues. It was useful for me, to check that the data coming in is good.SPATIAL DISAGGREGATION OF ECONOMIC RESULTS USING STAKEHOLDER INPUT AND GEO-COMPUTATION By DANIEL PAEZ A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Contribute to dpaez/plusultra_thesis development by creating an account on GitHub. This project thesis is dedicated to my parents, Juliette and Gilbert Paez, and my wife, Kathleen Bruce, for their dedication and encouragement for me to complete this degree.

Without their support and the support of friends and family, especially during times of doubt, stress, and life challenges, I would not have completed this program. PhD student I am currently a PhD student in computer science under the supervision of S.

Pesty, D.

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Pellier and H. Fiorino at the Grenoble Alps University, member of the MAGMA team at the Grenoble Informatics Laboratory. Tania Paez of Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, D.C. (IDB). Read 12 publications, and contact Tania Paez on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.

By Patrick A. Paez A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Biology at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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