Obstetrics and gynecology nurse essay

Grading Pitting edema is graded on a scale from 1 to 4, which is based on both the depth the "pit" leaves and how long the pit remains. A patient with a score of 1 has edema that is slight roughly 2mm in depth and disappears rapidly.

Obstetrics and gynecology nurse essay

Or is it major? Well there are days in a year, and one of those days I recall, was the worst day of my life. However, my life became a clutter when my father had an aneurysm. As a result, I deliberately acted out and defied my mother. All the lessons my father taught me, to become a good person, had diminished.

I looked to an outlet to hide the pain and emotional damage I felt. I found that outlet through my desire to go to medical school.

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Even though he was no longer the dominant caretaker, my attachment to him remained. I loved his tone of voice, the corny jokes and stories he told, and how he knew what to say when I was feeling down. Frequently, I recall how he could not leave me because I wanted to stay right by his side and would cry if he went off too far.

Stay focused on school and have a family, you hear me? I had to remember not to let him down. I remember covering my ears with my hands, as I sat in fetal position. I could see my heart beating out of my chest every time I seen a nurse run past me as the doctors are constantly being paged.

I could hear this long tone, I waited, I waited to hear the heart monitor sound off again.

Obstetrics and gynecology nurse essay

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Obstetrics and Gynecology Desiree Collins Francis Marion University Obstetrics nursing is healthcare profession that focuses on the care of pregnant women and the babies they give birth to. The best route to becoming an obstetrics and gynecology nurse is to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Nursing programs provide the knowledge and skills necessary to . Brie Smith Health Sciences June 10, Health Care Career Essay There are many career choices in Health Care, but there are only a few that excite me. One of those is gynecology. After hearing about this type of physician, I wanted to learn more about their job.

Write a Winning Scholarship Essay; Launch Your Nursing Career. Nursing school grads, ready to jump-start your career? Obstetrics Nurse, Gynecology Nurse.

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Women’s Health. women during pregnancy, labor and childbirth, as well as women with health issues with their reproductive system. As a Gynecology/Obstetrics Nurse, you’ll also.

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