An introduction to the discrimination by the united states of america towards the african americans

An Introduction Share this Filed under: From trailblazing pioneers such as openly gay novelist James Baldwin and transgender rights activist Marsha P. Johnsonto modern-day heroes such as actress Laverne Cox and basketball star Jason CollinsLGBTQ African Americans have made enormous contributions to the ongoing fight for social, racial and economic justice. LGBTQ African Americans are disproportionately young and disproportionately female, and nearly one-third of all African American same-sex couples are raising children.

An introduction to the discrimination by the united states of america towards the african americans

Destruction of families by separating children from their parents.

Xenophobia Advertisements African Americans Figure 1. Mullin, there are inmates await execution in North Carolina, and most of them are African Americans; 31 were convicted by all-white juries.
Being African American & LGBTQ: An Introduction | Human Rights Campaign You can help by adding to it. Between andenforcement of federal immigration laws became a growing priority in response to undocumented immigration.

Destruction of marriages by separating spouses. Beatings and other forms of torture. Plaintiffs allege that the war between Spain and the Moors was racial rather than religious because the Spaniards, though professed Catholics and Christians, knew or should have known that Christ resembled the Africans.

Nevertheless, during the era that the Spaniards expelled the Moors from Spain, the Sephardic Jews were also expelled. It is alleged that the Sephardim are or were physically distinguishable from the Ashkenazis.

Plaintiffs allege that the Khazars converted to Judaism in A.

African Americans | Racial Discrimination in North America

Due to their descent from the Caucasus Mountains area, Plaintiffs allege that the Ashkenazis appear to be what is presently described as white. Plaintiffs further allege that the Ashkenazis migrated to northern Europe after the fall of the Khazarian Empire.

Legend or fact alleges that when the Moors seized Spain in A. It is therefore alleged that inwhen the indigenous Spanish Visigoths re-claimed their land, the Sephardim were ousted from Spain in retaliation for their assistance to the Moors in A.

It is alleged that the Sephardim Jews who migrated to Spain bore African physical characteristics but who can now be distinguished from other Africans by specific genetic tests.

As evidence of the Spaniards and other Europeans having knowledge of the true and original race of Christ, Plaintiffs allege that the most ancient and most revered artwork in the possession of Catholic churches throughout Europe depict St. However, in the s, as a result of the alliance between European families and in retaliation against the Sephardims alleged collusion in the Moors conquest of Spain and Portugal, Plaintiffs allege that the Catholics changed the visage of the Madonna and Child and chosen people to Aryan.

After expulsion from Spain and Portugal, the Sephardim migrated to other parts of Europe or back to Africa, with many Sephardim settlements along the west coast of Africa. Plaintiffs allege that Defendant the United States of America participated in the conspiracy to keep secret from the Moorish child slaves the knowledge of their prisoner of war status so as to conceal breach of two treaties: The treaty between Spain and the Moors in and the treaty the United States entered into with Morocco in Plaintiffs allege that Paragraph 3 of the United States-Morocco Treaty of Peace and Friendship states that if the parties be at war with any nation, take a prize belonging to that nation, and find on board subjects or effects belonging to either of the parties, that the subjects would be set at liberty and the effects returned to the owners.

Plaintiffs allege that by denying the Moorish child slaves knowledge of their heritage, the United States wrongfully retained ownership of Moorish subjects who should have been set at liberty, according to the treaty. Alternatively, it is alleged that in Paragraph 12 of the United States-Morocco Treaty of Peace and Friendship that if any ship of war belonging to the United States came into a Moroccan port, it should not be examined on any pretense whatsoever, even though the ship may have fugitive slaves on board, and the fugitive slaves may not be compelled to return to shore.

Plaintiffs argue that the United States treaty with Morocco in was important because Morocco, a country along the African-Atlantic Ocean coast, served as a strategic port during the United States maritime importation of slaves from Africa. Accordingly, Plaintiffs argue that because the U.

Plaintiffs therefore contend that the United States ships of war that participated in the African slave trade did so as allies of the European nations in the Europeans ongoing war of retaliation against the Moors and Sephardim. Plaintiffs allege that Paragraph 16 of the United States-Morocco Treaty of Peace and Friendship require that in any war between the contracting parties, that the prisoners not be made slaves.

Plaintiffs therefore allege that said treaty serves as historical evidence that during the time ofit was common practice to enslave prisoners of war.Native Americans lived on the land that is now the United States first, millions of Africans were brought to the US by force to be held in slavery, and people have been immigrating to the US from all around the world, not just western Europe, for centuries.

Discrimination in America is very unique in many ways to other countries of the world. The most important reason is that we have the freedom to practice our own ideas, as granted to /5(17).

Thousands of African Americans migrate out of the South to escape oppression. Tennessee passes the first of the “Jim Crow” segregation laws, segregating state railroads. Similar laws are passed over the next 15 years throughout the Southern states.

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PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT AMONG AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE REPEAT OFFENDERS A Thesis Effects of Racism and Discrimination on Personality Development among Throughout history in the United States, the African American community has consistently been the victim of social policies put in place to disenfranchise this.

Both the African American and Native American communities in the United States suffered great hardships since the dawn of the Republic.

A brief history of racism in the United States Samana Siddiqui Racism is the belief that one’s race, skin color, or more generally, one’s group, be it of religious, national or ethnic identity, is . The Government of the United States of America welcomes the opportunity to report to the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (“Committee”) on measures giving effect to the undertakings of the United States under the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD), pursuant to. Plaintiff, Moorish American Nation, Inc versus United States Of America, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belguim.

South ern plantation owners held the black community in enslavement while greedy American settler s stole the Indians' land.

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An introduction to the discrimination by the united states of america towards the african americans
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